Pricing and Plans

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Free Ideal for small environments


Start monitoring for free your infrastructure up to 3 servers with key metrics and alerts on issues.

Starter Ideal for startups and smb

4.99per month / server

Start with system metrics and alerting for your servers.

Professional Most Popular Plan

10.99per month / server

Monitor with more granularity system and services on your servers, your containers and applications including managed services from Cloud providers.

Enterprise For large servers fleet

Let's Discuss

If you have a custom need or a big server fleet, contact-us!

Number of Servers3UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Monitors included (check costs for additionnal monitors)555Custom
Number of Additional Metrics per server--100Custom
Number of containers included (check costs for additionnal containers)--20Custom
Metric Data Resolution60 s30 s10 sCustom
Metric Data Retention1 day30 days13 monthsCustom
Core Metrics: CPU, memory, disk, network
Service Availability Checks
Custom Service Availability Checks
Performance & Services Metrics--
Custom Metrics--
Docker Integration 🐳--
AWS Integration --
Events Data Retention6 months12 months24 monthsCustom
Live Process Monitoring-
Live Process Monitoring Resolution-60 s10 s10 s
External Monitors    
Monitor Check Interval5 min60 s60 sCustom
Monitor Data Retention1 day7 days13 monthsCustom
SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring
Automatic Real Time Dashboards
Custom Dashboards
Services & Stack Dashboards--
Kubernetes automatic health dashboard--
Weekly Email Report
Automatic Status Pages---
Android , iOS application
Email Notifications
Mobile application Notifications
Slack Notifications-
Webhooks Notifications
Pager Duty, OpsGenie, VictorOps Integrations-
Bring your own SMS account (Twilio, Messagebird, OVH)-
Knowledge database & Online Documentation
Support by Email-
Support by Phone--
Unlimited Team Members
SSO with Github and Google
Invoice Payment by CB or Direct Debit-
Invoice Payment by Bank Transfer---
Access API
API call limits10 / min50 / min100 / min100 / min
Network Equipments Monitoring with SNMP    
Monthly cost per SNMP equipment-3€994€99Custom
Metric Data Resolution-60 s60 sCustom
Metric Data Retention-7 days13 monthsCustom
Automatic Dashboards-
Custom SNMP MIB--

Pricing FAQ

How does the trial work?

When you signup, you get 15 days trial with 3 servers on our professional plan. With three servers, you can test all features of the Bleemeo Monitoring product with stacks and distributed containers environments.
At the end of your trial, unless you entered your credit card or contact our sales team, you will be downgraded to a Free Plan. You won't be charge for anything except if you explicitly enter your credit card and select a plan.

What happens when the trial ends?

You will receive emails before your trial expires. If you decide to keep on using Bleemeo, you can choose one of the paid plans and pay by credit card, by bank transfert or contact our sales team. Your trial account will become your permanent account, and all your configurations and data will remain intact.

Otherwise when your trial is over your account will be converted to the Free plan, and features that are not available in Free plan will be disabled.

How does the hourly pricing work?

When one of your server is connected for one hour, your are charged for the metrics it sends to us. If you connect a server for one hour, you only pay for one hour. We have a monthly cap, if your server is connected during all month you pay the same price as if it was connected for 28 days.

How does the billing of an SNMP agent work?

Like a Glouton, a SNMP Agent is billed hourly, but you need a Glouton to scrape your SNMP device. If you have 4 SNMP devices to monitor, per month it will cost 1 Glouton at 10€99 or 4€99 (starter), then 4 SNMP agents at 4€99 or 3€99 (starter).

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Purchase orders and offline payment options are available for annual subscription plans. Please contact us for details.

I have more monitors, how does it work?

All plans are entitled to 5 free monitors regardless of the number of agents (paying or not). But if the account has a paid plan, it can to have as many free monitors as there are agents connected, which varies every hour. The additional monitors will be charged 1€/month, or 0.0014€/hour.

I have more containers, how does it work?

We include 20 free containers per server connected in the Professionnal plan. If you need additional containers and associated metrics, each container will be billed 0,50€/month or 0.000744€ / hour.

We Open Source

Open Source projets can get a free subscription to Bleemeo with public dashboards. Please contact us.