Bleemeo Professional Services

While building a Cloud based monitoring solution over the years, our team has developped a strong expertise in monitoring and operating systems and networks at scale.
We are able to guide your teams on infrastructure at scale related topics.

Bleemeo Deployment

Monitoring Deployment

If you need help to migrate from your legacy system to Bleemeo Monitoring Solution, if you need to develop some automation to deploy the solution or custom scripts/checks, integrate legacy systems, our team can help you to deploy our Monitoring solution.

Here is a list of topics our team has a strong expertise:

  • Implement Bleemeo Cloud based Monitoring.
  • Best practices for monitoring servers, containers and applications
  • Migrate from a legacy monitoring solution (Nagios, Munin, ...) to a Cloud based or hybrid monitoring solution.
  • Advising on applications monitoring with Prometheus, OpenMetrics, StatsD standard and libraries
  • Customize or additional features on Bleemeo Cloud Monitoring
  • Guide your DevOps Team during the deployment

Open Source Monitoring

While building Bleemeo we have developped Open Source components and contributed to existing Open Source projects. Our team can provide support on Bleemeo Open Source software and guide you on components we use or have benchmarked:

  • Deploy Bleemeo Open source components SquirrelDB and Glouton
  • Interactions between Bleemeo and Prometheus, Grafana, and others Open Source Monitoring
  • Advising on Monitoring Deployment with Prometheus, Thanos, Cortex and SquirrelDB
  • Optimize performances of your Monitoring solution
Bleemeo Open Source Monitoring
Operating at scale in the Cloud

Operating at scale in the Cloud

One of the challenge we face at Bleemeo is ingesting, storing and serving data at scale. Our platform is a mutualized platform and need to scale to welcome new customers. Our team has a strong experience in operating infrastructure and software at scale:

  • Strategy for using Cloud or Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Deploying Infrastructure as Code strategy
  • Deploying and Managing Kubernetes Cluster in the Cloud or on bare metal
  • Best practice for organizing DevOps Teams to improve your services