Bleemeo Professional Services

Over the year building a Cloud based monitoring solution, our team has developped a strong expertise in monitoring and operating systems and networks at scale. We are able to guide your teams on those topics.

Bleemeo Deployment

Bleemeo Cloud Monitoring Deployment

  • Implement Bleemeo Cloud based Monitoring.
  • Best practices for monitoring serever, containers and application
  • Advising on applications metrics with OpenMetrics standard and libraries
  • Cuztomize or aditionnal features on Bleemeo Cloud Monitoring
  • Guide your DevOps Team during the deployment

Open Source Monitoring

  • Deploy Bleemeo Open source components SquirrelMetrics and Glouton
  • Interactions between Bleemeo and Prometheus, Grafana, and others Open Source Monitoring
  • Avising on Monitoring Deployment with Prometheus, Thanos, Cortex and SquirrelMetrics
  • Monitoring performances optimization
Bleemeo Open Source Monitoring
Operating at scale in the Cloud

Operating at scale in the Cloud

  • Startegy for using Cloud or Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Deploying Infrastructure as Code strategy
  • Deploying and Managing Kubernetes Cluster in the Cloud or on bare metal
  • Best practice for organizing DevOps Teams to improve your services