Uptime Monitoring: Feature Highlight

Bleemeo Uptime Monitoring

http and tcp checks

  • Monitor a website or any Internet exposed service.
  • For each monitored service, availability and performance reports from multiple locations in the world are available.
  • Those checks include SSL certificate end-of-life when testing an https website.

Checks with scenarios

  • Checks can consist in simulating a real user navigation.
  • Define step by step in the interface your scenario before running it every minute from multiple location.
  • HTTP status code and execution time are returned and stored.
  • Steps can be filling a form, going through a login page, clicking a link, checking that a text is present on a page.
Bleemeo Scenarios Monitoring
Bleemeo Uptime Monitoring from Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

  • Checks are performed from multiple locations and from multiple continents.
  • Alarm is raised only if multiple locations are failing at the same time to avoid false positive if it's a peering issue.