Uptime Monitoring

From Multiple Locations

  • Checks performed from three different locations and from different continents
  • Alarm raised only if multiple locations are failing at the same time to avoid false positive if it's a peering issue.
  • Availibility check and latency measurement from each location
Bleemeo Uptime Monitoring from Multiple Locations
Bleemeo DevOps

http & tcp checks

  • Monitor a website or any Internet exposed service.
  • Perform http and tcp checks
  • For each monitored service, availability and performance reports from multiple locations in the world are available.

SSL Expiration Check

  • Periodically check SSL certificates expiration dates
  • Raise warning/alarm when expiration date is coming to let you renew certificate
  • Let's Encrypt certificates covered with adapted lifetime
SSL Expiration Check
SSL Expiration Check

http Checks

  • HTTP status code and execution time are returned and stored.
  • Check content of the page (contains or not contains)