Our Security relies on the best Security Standards

Security is always in our mind while building Bleemeo

Encrypted Exchanges

SSL is used for all data transit

All communications between Bleemeo Smart Agent and the Bleemeo Cloud Platform are encrypted using strong and standard mechanisms (MQTT over SSL and HTTPS).

Payment Information

We don't store any payment information

All payment information (credit cards) are not stored on our platform. Those data is stored by Payment Specialists.

Secure Hosting

Hosted in secure Datacenters

Bleemeo Cloud Platform is hosted by the best specialists of the Datacenter security. Datacenters are SOC 1 or ISO-27001 certified. All datacenters have staff on site 24h/24 and 7d/7 including security guards. Data is backed up in at least two Datacenters.

Security logs

Actions History Available

All operations (manual or automatic) are logged in a security log. Your account administrator can review all actions performed by your team.

User Management

Connect your users directory

Individual account for your team members. User management can be delegated to your Company Directory using SAML standard. You don't need to review accounts or create accounts anymore. Your company security policies and processes are used by our platform.

Cloud Security

We build it, we run it

Bleemeo Operations team is devoted to our cloud platform management and has the best knowledge of the platform we built. The team can provide immediate reply to security issues or concern.

If you believe that you discovered a security issue in our solution (open source or cloud platform), we appreciate that you share your findings with us first. We provide a secure way to communicate with us for such issues using a GPG key.

If you fill the following criteria:

  • You are the first one to release the issue
  • The vulnerability is not public
  • This is not a DDoS attack

We will be happy to thanks you with vouchers or goodies depending on the issue severity.

Here are the details of our gpg key:
Key ID: F12B1AB4
Key Type: RSA 4096 bits
Fingerprint: 496B 6A35 F07B B8FC CC4B C73F 3AAF BBFB F12B 1AB4
User ID: security@bleemeo.com

This key has been signed by our CEO (Lionel Porcheron) and our CTO (Pierre Fersing).