Glouton by Bleemeo

Bleemeo has published several components of the Bleemeo Cloud based Monitoring product as Open Source projects. The two main projects are Glouton, our agent based on Prometheus and Telegraf and SquirrelDB our Time Series Database based on Cassandra.

The new tiny name of the agent is Glouton which is the French word for wolverine, not only a Marvel character but also a small animal that eat almost everything. This is the parallelism with our agent: our agent ingest almost all types of metrics: statsd, prometheus, bleemeo, ...

Glouton Open Source

Real-time autonomous monitoring

Services checks & metrics

Containers monitoring

Live processes monitoring

Local web UI

Easy Monitoring Agent

Blazing fast. Just try it.


We're using an auto-discovers services and metrics.

An agent to rules them all

Embed Prometheus node exporter, Nagios nrpe compatibility and key process monitoring.

Local UI

Build Native Dashboards using labels on your hosts and containers.

Glouton local UI



docker run -d --name='glouton' -v /var/lib/glouton:/var/lib/glouton -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /:/hostroot:ro --pid=host --net=host --cap-add CAP_SYS_PTRACE bleemeo/glouton
Glouton Open Source Project

Glouton, Open Source Monitoring Agent

  • Based on Prometheus node exporter and Telegraf
  • Automatic discovery and configuration of services and generate checks and metrics
  • Can be used as main Prometheus endpoint for another scrapper
  • Support Nagios checks, nrpe and Statsd metrics ingester
  • Available as Linux deb and rpm packages for Linux distributions, as a Docker container and Windows package
  • Kubernetes native support creating metrics and checks for pods