Real Time Dashboards: Feature Highlight

Automatic Dashboard

  • Dashboards are created automatically when a new server is registered
  • Key metrics: CPU, Memory, Disk & Network usage are graphed on the default dashboard
  • Data are refreshed every 10s on the dashboards
Bleemeo Real Time Dashboard
Bleemeo Docker Dashboard

Docker Dashboard

  • A Docker dashboard is available when your machine is running Docker
  • For each container CPU, Memory and Network usage of each container are displayed
  • Metrics specific to a service running in a container are not displayed here

htop Like Information

  • A htop like tab information is available for each server
  • All columns can be sorted on the fly to order information by memory / cpu usage
  • htop view is refreshed every 10s
  • No need to get a ssh access to get a htop view of the machine
Bleemeo htop like Dashboard
Bleemeo Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

  • All metrics can be integrated in Custom Dashboards
  • Data source can be mixed: system metrics, custom metrics, AWS CloudWatch integration
  • Multiple graph types are avalable: line, area, gauge, big counters or smiley
  • Use timeshift or another operation to compare your live data from another reference timeslot
  • Widgets can be sized and drag and drop in dashboard

Infrastructure Live Status

  • A live status page is available for getting a global view of infrastructure health
  • Data are refreshed every 10s
  • The page is a good candidate for operation center big screen
Bleemeoo Infrastructure Live Status