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Bleemeo Highlights

Monitoring solution for your servers, containers and applications in the Cloud

Fast Deployment

Connect your first agent and get your first dashboard in less than 60s. No configuration is needed in most of the cases, but you can adjust configuration if needed. Our solution is incredibly fast to deploy.

Scalable Solution

You produce data and monitoring metrics and we store them in our SaaS platform for you at scale and make sure that the right information is always available for your team.

Web Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboards to track your infrastructure and your business at a glance in real time.


All monitoring data are stored in a secure way. We make sure to stay at the top of the security technologies and process. Check our security page for details.

Real Time

All metrics are pushed every 10 seconds, service and host checks are reported faster than any other solution.

Open Source Agent

Bleemeo Smart Agent is Open Source and provides a strong base for monitoring your infrastructure. Using Bleemeo Cloud is not mandatory.

3rd-party Integration

We offer 3rd party integration for notification, status pages, etc.

Simple API

All Bleemeo Cloud features are accessible with a REST API. You can automate everything and retrieve data with the API.

Gather all your infrastructure Metrics in one place easily

Bleemeo Smart Agent pushes metrics to the cloud

Our smart agent is in charge of gathering information from your infrastructure before sending it to the Bleemeo platform.

The agent is Open Source and is relying on standard tools like Telegraf and Collectd and is able to detect your configuration. Our agent is also able to execute Nagios checks and fetch a custom metric over HTTP.

All information are available in real time on intuitive dashboards. Every 10s you get an update of your infrastructure, no need anymore to wait 5min or more.

Ensure your service is available all the time.

Check and report services availability

Our agent is continuously checking in an innovative and scalable way your services availability. No need to wait for a 5min interval to have a check.

Status changes are sent to our platform and notified to the people associated to this service if needed.

Bleemeo Cloud platform also provide external probes for monitoring your service availability and performance from remote endpoints in the world.

One Place to know what happened

Share your views directly in the tool

Comment, annotate and share with your team your analysis or know events in your infrastructure. Mails are not needed anymore, you know what happended in your infrastructure in one place.

Easily push your metrics (like when a deployment hapenned) to Bleemeo platform and correlate all your infrastructure information.

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