Infrastructure Monitoring made easy

Whether you use cloud servers, containers, custom applications, K8S clusters, we got your back.

Build your apps, not monitoring

We know it's hard and time consuming to build a scalable and reliable monitoring solution. We provide DevOps Teams and Infrastructure Teams a Cloud based solution to monitor all your infrastructure from server to application with monitoring standards like OpenMetrics and Prometheus and let you focus on your business.

Built by DevOps for DevOps

  • Linux, Windows metrics: CPU, Memory, Disk, IO, ...
  • Services metrics: requests rate, memory, ....
  • Prometheus and StatsD metrics ingestion
  • Real time metrics with up to 10 seconds granularity
  • Automatic Dashboards for hosts and services
  • Build Custom Dashboards with any metrics
  • Uptime monitoring from multiple locations in the world
  • Notifications: Slack, Mobile Application, Mail and others supported
Bleemeo DevOps

30 seconds to monitor your infrastructure

1. SignupBleemeo Signup
2. Install agentBleemeo Install Agent
3. Browse Metrics DashboardsBleemeo browse metrics dashboards
4. CustomizeBleemeo Customize

Cloud Native Monitoring

  • Containers, Kubernetes clusters monitoring
  • Get metrics from your Cloud Provider: AWS, Azure, Google
  • Build Cloud Native Dashboards using labels on your hosts and containers
  • REST API to integrate monitoring in your automation stack
Bleemeo Cloud Native
Why choosing Bleemeo

Why choose Bleemeo

  • Bleemeo open source agent auto-discovers services and create checks, metrics and dashboards
  • Smart Pricing: pay per hour what you are monitoring
  • Mobile applications to monitor your infrastructure from anywhere
  • 100+ integrations out of the box: OS, services, notifications...
  • Integrate and relies on monitoring standards: Open Metrics, Prometheus, StatsD, Nagios: no vendor lock-in
  • Monitoring independent from your infrastructure

100+ integrations!



We price per server, per hour and propose several plans from Free to Enterprise to fit with your business.

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