Bleemeo iOS and Android applications

Infra health in your pocket

In addition to the web panel, Bleemeo provides iOS and Android mobile application to get instant view of your infrasctructure health and receive notifications of your infrastructure events.

  • Available for iOS and Android platforms
  • Provide all views available in web interface: servers, containers, custom dashboards are available from the mobile application.
  • No configuration is possible from the mobile application
Bleemeo Mobile Application
Bleemeo Mobile Application


Bleemeo mobile application is the easiest way to receive notifications from the Bleemeo Cloud Monitoring Platform. In addition to notifications, you can immediately check what's wrong by checking from the mobile application the status of your infrastructure components.

  • Available for iOS and Android platforms
  • Integrated in your mobile system
  • Can be configured with your OS to receive notifications even when "do not disturb" mode is activated for example.

Mobile Ecosystem

In addition to Bleemeo mobile application that let you check dashboard and infrastructure health, Bleemeo integrates with a couple of applications you can use when you are not at your desk to receive notifications and collaborate with your team.

  • Use notifications in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Rocket Chat teams chat.
  • Use notifications in Telegram for individuals or group chat.
  • Receive SMS notifications with Twilio, MessageBird or OVHTelecom.
Bleemeo Mobile Application

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