Alerting: Feature Highlight

Alerting Rules

  • Define your alerting rules and receive alerts only for what is important.
  • Send alerts for specific servers, specific metrics and use user defined tags.
  • Notification can have different recipient and use a different media.
Alerting Notifications Rules
Alerting Integrations

Alerting Integrations

  • Notifications can be sent with Slack, mail, SMS, HipChat, Jabber.
  • Integrate alerting and run automatic actions using webhooks.
  • Bleemeo Android application can also receive notifications.
  • Use PagerDuty integration to have a more complex on call calendar and escalations policies.

Customizable Thresholds

  • All pre-defined thresholds can be customized in the UI or using API.
  • Thresholds can be defined for every metrics, even if it is a custom metrics you added.
Customizable Thresholds
Infrastructure Events Timeline

Infrastructure Events Timeline

  • All events are historized in your timeline, and an icon shows when event has been notified.
  • The event timeline is available in the Android application.