Alerting & Notifications

When monitoring an infrastructure, while dashboards are importants, getting notified when an issue require immediate attention is very important. Bleemeo offers different way to configure notifications and different ways to send notifications to your team.

Alerting Rules

Bleemeo allows users to create different alert rules using server tags, direct metrics, Prometheus Query Language and thresholds.

  • Define your alerting rules and receive alerts only for what is important.
  • Use PromQL (Prometheus Query Language) to define your notifications rules.
  • Send alerts for specific servers, specific metrics and use user defined tags.
  • Notification can have different recipient and use a different integration to notify.
Alerting Notifications Rules
Alerting Integrations

Alerting Integrations

Bleemeo supports multiple integrations to notify your users. It can be individual notifications (email, SMS), or group notifications (Slack or Microsoft Teams channel). Some notifications require an extra subscription (for sending SMS for example).

  • Notifications can be sent with Slack, mail, Microsoft Teams, .
  • Integrate alerting and run automatic actions using webhooks.
  • Bleemeo iOS and Android applications can also receive notifications and allow you to see immediatly the state of your infrastructure.
  • Use PagerDuty, OpsGenie or VictorOps integrations to have a more complex on call calendar and escalations policies.
  • Bleemeo allow you to configure your Twilio, MessageBird, OVHTelecom account to send SMS directly.
  • Notify in groups or persons on Instant Messaging with Telegram

Customizable Thresholds

The simplest way to configure a notification is to define a threshold for a metric.

  • All pre-defined thresholds can be customized in the UI or using API.
  • Thresholds can be defined for every metrics, even if it is a custom metrics you added.
  • Thresholds can be defined on a metric or on after an operation, on a metric.
  • You can use PromQL on a server or on multiple servers to compare to a threshold.
Alerting Customizable Thresholds
Infrastructure Events Timeline

Infrastructure Events Timeline

Every time a metric go through a threshold, it creates an event in your Bleemeo history. Events are stored and you can see the history even if they are not notified.

  • All events are historized in your timeline, and an icon shows when event has been notified.
  • The event timeline is available in the Mobile application.
  • Events history are stored up to 24 months.

Silencing Events

You can define a time period where events won't notifiy your users. For example, if you have a planned maintenance, or want to ignore an existing event for some time.

  • Define start and end time of silenced metrics to stop receiving notifications for those metrics.
  • Silenced metrics won't appear anymore on status dashboards.
Alerting Silence

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