AWS Monitoring with Bleemeo

Bleemeo offers a hoster independent solution for infrastructure monitoring. You can monitor your AWS EC2 instances with Bleemeo monitoring agent and connect to AWS CloudWatch to retrieve metrics of Managed Services. All metrics can be combines on dashboards.

EC2 Instances Monitoring

AWS EC2 is the most common AWS service. Monitoring instances with the Bleemeo monitoring agent offers more flexibility, more features at lower cost than using AWS CloudWatch.

  • Deploy Bleemeo monitoring agent like on any other host to monitor your AWS EC2 instance.
  • Get all system metrics (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, ...) on Linux and Windows EC2.
  • Agent is available as system package (deb, rpm) and Docker container.
  • Monitor services deployed on your EC2: services are auto-detected and associated availability checks and metrics are created on Bleemeo Cloud Monitoring Platform.
  • Up to 10 seconds metrics granularity for system and services metrics.
  • Deploy custom checks on your instances for specific needs.
Bleemeo AWS EC2 Monitoring
Bleemeo AWS Managed Services Monitoring

Managed Services Monitoring

Combining EC2 instances with Managed Services is a common pattern of AWS usage. Monitoring only of those services is not enough. With Bleemeo, you can combine in the same monitoring solution metrics from EC2 and Managed Services.

  • Ingest CloudWatch metrics in Bleemeo to mix metrics from different sources.
  • Create custom dashboards with Managed Services metrics and systems metrics from Bleemeo monitoring agent.
  • Use metrics from Prometheus endpoints, StatsD and combine them all in your dashboards.
  • Use Trusted Advisor metrics to monitor security of your infrastructure.

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