Prometheus Monitoring & Cloud Monitoring combined

Start monitoring your infrastructure using Prometheus ecosystem: standard exporters and SDK without deployments headache using Bleemeo Cloud Monitoring solution.

Prometheus Ecosystem

  • Use standard monitoring tools from Open Source communities.
  • Fetch metrics from Prometheus endpoints exposed by infrastructure applications and ingest them in Bleemeo Cloud Monitoring platform.
  • PromQL (Prometheus Query Language) leverage all your requests in your dashboards and in alerts definition.
  • Instrument your code with Prometheus SDK for your favorite languages and frameworks and get business metrics in Bleemeo.
  • Use 700+ prometheus exporters available from the community to get more metrics or write your own.
  • Use Bleemeo as Prometheus in the cloud and start your monitoring project in 30 seconds no server to deploy and maintain.
Prometheus Benefits
Custom Metrics Integration

Prometheus with the power of Cloud

  • No complex Prometheus server to maintain, no addtional components (alert manager, long term storage) to deploy.
  • Scale your Prometheus setup as you go. No initial cost for seting up big servers for storing metrics.
  • Bleemeo Prometheus setup is highly available. No complex setup to do on your side (on premise or in the cloud)
  • Use PromQL queries to build your dashboards, on custom dashboards and on template dashboards.
  • Use PromQL queries to define alerts, and receive notifications where alert fire.

Bleemeo agent as Prometheus Hub

  • Bleemeo monitoring agent can send Prometheus system metrics to Bleemeo backend.
  • Bleemeo monotoring agent can scrap metrics from existing Prometheus endpointsand send them securely to Bleemeo Cloud platform.
  • Services running on your server are auto-detected by the monitoring agent and sent securely to Bleemeo Cloud platform. Dashboards are automatically created.
  • All metrics can be queried with PromQL to build your dashboards and notifications rules.
Custom Metrics Integration
Prometheus with Steroids

Prometheus with Steroids

  • Long term storage (13 months) out of the box. No extra setup needed.
  • System and services metrics auto-detection no need to do custom configuration or to deploy third party exporters and software.
  • Automatic dashboards creation, custom dashboards can be configured with PromQL.
  • Automatic alerts rules creation, custom alerts can be configured with PromQL.
  • Your monitoring is independent from your infrastructure: if your infrastructure is failing, you are notified and can still acess your monitoring.
  • No extra load on your infrastructure when your ops team is accessing the tool. Your infrastructure is dedicated to your business workload.

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