Easy Deployment: Feature Highlight

Bleemeo Setup

Single Shell Line Installation

  • Single command line detects your operating system and install appropriate native package.
  • Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, RedHat and Windows are supported OS.
  • Bleemeo is also available as a certified Docker container on Docker Store and on Docker Hub.
  • After installation, server registers on the Bleemeo platform without any other user action.
  • All those actions can be performed using a configuration management tool.
Bleemeo Agent is a Docker Certified Container

Automatic Service Detection

  • 100+ services are automatically detected by Bleemeo agent.
  • Most of them do not require any manual configuration.
  • Special configurations or credentials can be defined in configuration files.
  • For each detected service, availability checks and metrics are created.
  • Not automatically detected service can be define by hand.
Bleemeo Integrations Highlights
Bleemeo Real Time Dashboard

Automatic Dashboard

  • At server registration, a new dashboard is automatically created.
  • This dashboard contains key metrics for a machine: CPU, Memory, Disk & Network usages.
  • htop like and Docker dashboard (if Docker is installed) are also available for every machine.
  • Not graphed information can be added to a custom dashboard.

Alerting Out of the Box

  • For each server registered, default alerting rules with default thresholds are applied.
  • Thresholds can be customized for a machine in the Metrics tab of an agent.
  • Bleemeo support alerts notification by email, Slack, SMS, HipChat, webhook, ....
  • Containers and services can be blacklisted to avoid notifications (for services run by continuous integration for example).
Bleemeo Alerting
Configuration Management Tools

Integrate in Ansible/Chef/Puppet Recipes

  • All deployment packages are native packages: .deb for Debian/Ubuntu, .rpm for CentOS/Fedora/RedHat, .exe for Windows.
  • Deployment can be performed with a configuration management tool pushing a configuration file and installing native package.
  • Upgrades are managed like any other software, old agents get notified if upgrade is needed.