Cloud Monitoring Solution with Bleemeo

Managed & highly available SaaS Monitoring Solution

Bleemeo provides a Cloud hosted complete Monitoring Solution including:

  • Secure connection from Bleemeo Smart Agents and with browser
  • Connection to 3rd party Tools
  • External probes for checking your services
  • Elastic: only pay for what you use
  • Scalable: don't bother scaling the monitoring infrastructure. Just connect your servers.

60s Deployment

Bleemeo Agent discovers what is running on a machine without manual configuration.

Bleemeo agent is continuoulsy scrutating which services are running on your machine or in Docker containers. It creates metrics and probe associated to those services and a default dashboard is created for reporting key metrics of your machine.

You can always customize your configuration if your service do not use default values or you have a custom service. Bleemeo agent is also able to use any Nagios plugin to perform checks.

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50+ services are integrated and automatically monitored

no need to enable extra-plugin, no manual configuration needed

Docker Nginx Redis MySQL MongoDB Apache PostgreSQL HAProxy InfluxDB Memcached

Check our doc for the details

Bleemeo Agent: Open Source and Smart

Bleemeo Agent gathers all health information and send it to...

Bleemeo Agent has been designed to be a central piece of a monitoring solution. It gather all information and send it to... something. We provide drivers for storing in an InfluxDB database directly or a secure connection (MQTT over SSL) to Bleemeo Cloud platform.

Agent can easily be extended to gather other data and to send data to another store.

Our agent is 100% Open Source, not only because it's running on your machine and you can find a way to get the code, it's because the team at Bleemeo has a strong Open Source culture.

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