Easy Monitoring for Scalable Infrastructure: Features Highlights

Bleemeo Setup

Easy Deployment

  • Fastest and easiest to deploy monitoring solution on the market.
  • Less than 30s from agent installation to the first dashboard.
  • Auto-discovery of services, automatic creation of availability checks and associated metrics.
  • 60+ integrated services to make life easier and setup straightforward.
  • Default settings are customizable with configuration files.
  • Bleemeo agent deployment can be integrated in Ansible/Chef/Puppet recipes.

Real Time Dashboards

  • Metrics are displayed with a 10s interval.
  • Dashboards automatically created at server/container/service creation.
  • Fully customizable dashboards for visualizing not-graphed-by-default metrics or custom metrics.
  • Dashboard can mix data sources: machines, AWS CloudWatch integration, application, etc.
Bleemeo Real Time Dashboard
Bleemeo Stack Monitoring

Stack Monitoring

  • Cluster-wide view (ElasticSearch clusters, Nginx clusters, etc).
  • Global view on traffic/requests, not limited to a server/container.
  • Stacks are defined by labels added to machines/containers.
  • Dashboards support infrastructure resizing and adapt accordingly.


  • Send mail alerts out of the box when reaching a threshold.
  • All thresholds can be customized on system metrics and on custom metrics.
  • Alerting rules can be customized with tags, server names or specific metrics.
  • Notify alerts by mail, Slack, SMS, PagerDuty or custom webhook.
  • Keep track of incidents in infrastructure timeline.
Bleemeo Alerting
Bleemeo Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring from multiple locations

  • Monitor performance and availability of websites or any other world exposed service.
  • Get metrics and availability reports from different places of the world.
  • Perform basic connection checks or custom scenarios checks.
  • Monitor SSL certificates end of life.

Custom Metrics

  • Integrate custom and business metrics in dashboards.
  • Reuse Nagios checks and Nagios plugins available on libraries.
  • Push metrics with Graphite or StatsD.
  • Integrate metrics available at Prometheus endpoints.
  • Read metrics with http on business application.
  • Use built-in integrations to like AWS, Docker to get more metrics.
Custom Metrics Integration
Open Source Bleemeo Smart Agent

Open Source Agent

  • Open Source Agent written in python is available on github.
  • Data are uploaded using MQTT over SSL to minimize bandwith consuption.
  • Agent is based on telegraf, an Open Source metric collector written in Go.
  • Agent is available on Linux and Windows native packages and as a Docker certified container.