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Florian Gabon Published on 03 August 2020 by Florian Gabon

Do you want to try by yourself? Just download on the appropriate store the application or follow one of the links below!

Figure 1: IOS

Figure 2: Android

Our mobile team has just released an updated version of our mobile application. We have completely reworked the navigation and make it available on iOS! Bleemeo mobile application is a good place to visualize all infrastructure: servers, containers, applications, dashboards, monitors... and to receive your notifications wherever you are. If you are on call but not in front of your computer, when you receive a notification, you can check instantly what's wrong with your infrastructure with the mobile application. The application does not allow changing monitoring configuration, but you will be able to visualize all information relative to your infrastructure monitoring.

This redesigned interface is much more intuitive and offers quick access to all application sections (Agents, Dashboards, Status, Monitors, and Events) through a bottom navigation bar.

To use this mobile monitoring application, a Bleemeo account is needed. If you don't have a Bleemeo account yet, start monitoring your infrastructure today in 30 seconds

Let's discover with a few screenshots of our new mobile application and the new interface.

The application home page provides a Heatmap of the infrastructure events and KPI of the infrastructure: how many services are monitored (and their status), how many servers are monitored (and their status), status distribution. This is the place to start with to have an overview of the health of the monitored infrastructure. Homepage

At any moment, each section of the application is accessible with the bottom navigation bar.

The first section allows seeing each server of your infrastructure, the server default dashboard, all containers, and a live process view of what's running on the server. If you get alerted on the server, you can check all health details on this server within this section. Agents

For more intuitiveness you can slide between the pages Overview, default dashboard with all server key metrics (CPU, RAM, Disk, network), Docker containers view (with statistics and docker information), and live processes monitoring. Figure 5: Agent

The Dashboards section contains all custom dashboards that you have created from the Bleemeo panel or any Stack Dashboard you would have created using labels/annotations on your containers and/or tag on the machine. This allows you to get on your mobile all business information related to your infrastructure. With all those tabs combines, you can get a complete view of your server's health wherever you are. Dashboards

The status section offers a view of all issues of your infrastructure. This is the best starting point to see what's going on in your infrastructure. If everything is green you're good and can go back to real life 😎. If that's not the case, you get an immediate view of the issues and the previous servers section allows you to dig more on the current issues. This section covers servers, monitors, containers, applications, custom checks issues. One place for all issues. Status

The monitors section is a view of all your monitors defined on the Bleemeo panel. Monitors and probes distributed around the world to check your service. Here you have uptime statistics and response time for all defined services. Monitors

The events section is the record of all events that happened on your infrastructure. The status section is the current status, but if you want to check what happened some minutes/hours/days ago, this is the right place to find the information. You can search and get details of all past events. Events

You can download today the mobile application from the appropriate store: Figure 1: IOS
Figure 2: Android

If you don't have a Bleemeo account yet, and you would like to get all monitoring in your pocket, you can start your Free Trial!

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