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Create a public API with Django REST framework

by Lionel Porcheron / Sun 16 October 2016 / Internals

During PyconFR 2016 in Rennes, a yearly conference of French Python developers, our team give a talk about lessons learned building a public API using Django REST framework.

How we deploy and use at Bleemeo

by Lionel Porcheron / Wed 17 August 2016 / Internals

In this article, we will explain how we are using as our internal chat and how we deploy this tool.

Using Træfik for internal tools at Bleemeo

by Lionel Porcheron / Thu 11 August 2016 / Internals

At Bleemeo, as many geeks, we use a couple of tools on a day to day basis. Most of those tools are small Open Source web applications and, to be trendy, we deploy those tools with Docker. In the past, we used to create a virtual machine per service, deploy the tool and configure web server on each machine. Moreover if you are using https, you need to deploycertificates and private keys on each server. With Docker, we have created a simpler architecture we can more easily test on our laptops and more easily deploy.