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Monitor your business metrics: the example of boat data with Bleemeo

by Lionel Porcheron / Sun 16 April 2017 / Demo

This year, and for the second time in a row, Bleemeo has supported a team of INP Toulouse (the engineering school of two of our founders) during the EDHEC Sailing Race. This year the race was in Arzon in French Britany. During the race, we provideed them a tracker composed of a Raspberry Pi and a GPS antenna. Then, all along the race, it was reporting data in Bleemeo and we were displaying the boat data on a map. This is an example of how to report business metrics in your monitoring system with Bleemeo.

How to use statsd and Bleemeo for Minecraft server monitoring

by Antoine Beyet / Wed 27 July 2016 / Demo

Let's discover some features of Bleemeo Cloud platform! In this article we will define custom statsd metrics, status, Nagios check and monitor them with Bleemeo. We will use Minecraft as an example. However, this article is still relevant for you even though you are not keen on building castles.